You want to book or estimate your trip?

Order your taxi, motorcycle / scooter or helicopter from your smartphone and get around at the lowest prices on the market. Thanks to the Nascapp App, you can book, order, track, pay your taxi and receive your receipt.

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With the Nascapp app, once the race is completed, you are debited directly from your pre-registered credit card and receive your payment receipt automatically by email.

On the application you can view your payment history and find your payment receipts.

Any question? Get in touch with our customer service via the dedicated form on our website.

A cutting-edge App

  • First class service
  • Payment via App (credit card, Paypal) or in cash
  • 24/7 service
  • Invoice history available on your application
  • Advance booking with confirmation from your driver
  • Low prices


Economy class

  • ECO car: 1.30€/km and 0.30€/min, 24/7, minimum purchase: 9€/trip
  • Taxi: meter prices, 24/7
  • Scooter: 2.80€/km, 24/7, minimum purchase: 25€/trip

Executive class

  • VIP CAR: 1€70/km and 0.50€/min, 24/7, minimum purchase: 15€/ride
  • Motorcycle "VIP BIKE": 4,50€/km, 24/7, minimum purchase: 50€/ride
  • Helicopter: Only on request to be sent to

Estimated travel time on 2 wheels